Monday, March 12, 2012

Keep on Running...

Out the front door, and down the road again.
Well after being on the treadmill and elliptical machine, I went back outside today!
So here are today's stats...

How are you doing? Are you pushing yourself out the door for a run? Or just talking and thinking about it? Keep me posted either on the blog OR find me on twitter @TumbleandTweet.
I have been told I should run in the morning, but I seem to have a hard time running before eating. I am always starving when I wake up. Then of course I need to wait an hour before going for my run.
So I am more of a mid-day or afternoon runner (for now).

Thank you for everyone who is helping me on this road to health. It has just begun and at times is difficult but I am determined to stick with it!
One foot in front of the other.....

~~ Finding Feathers ~~

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