Thursday, March 8, 2012

30 Day Challenge - RUN


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I hate it.

And because I hate it I want to do it more. I know I hate things I am not good at, or that are difficult. So with a little motivation I have decided to try again. The weather is warming up here in the GTA (that is the outskirts of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.) even though it is still only March. My first run was March 6th, 2012 on my 30 year old treadmill.
I ran at a good pace for 25 minutes.
Yesterday (March 7th 2012) with the weather above 10 degrees (whoot whoot), I went outside. I over did my run, lesson learned. Here are my stats for yesterday:

A big Thank you to the iphone app Map My Run. I really like this app, for two reasons, it gives me all the info I need, plus a handy GPS for when I am not in an area I know. Secondly, its a free app!
Here is the webpage: , Or go to your app store on your phone and download it.

Here is what I have found are necessary components to running (newbie style):

1. SHOES.  I need new shoes, or better yet, new insoles. I know that I pronate (thanks to the fine people at  Walk N Comfort, Vaughan Ontario for my education on my feet and shoes), and good shoes are absolutely necessary!

 These are my Asics...a good running shoe for people that pronate.

 2. Hydrate. Drink water all day, before and after a run, (not right before a run, but prior to the run). This will help in ways that I don't fully understand, but it is totally necessary for proper function of the body and oxygen will need to get to your muscles. I love my Brita water, it tastes SO good!

3. A schedule. As a newbie runner, I have done some looking around for a good program. A good one, that is free, is Couch to 5 K. C25K this link gets you to their web page and has a fantastic start up guide, and even a Pooch to 5 K, yes your dog will love you for this one! This is a safe and proven way to reach your running goals.

4. Fuel. It is very important to fuel your working body. Running is about fitness, not about skinny through exercise and starvation. Be sure to eat to fuel your body in the healthiest way possible! Contact your doctor before starting any type of diet or exercise program to ensure safety.


5. Motivation. Friend, family member, health, or challenge. See our motivation section on the blog for inspiring quotes and pictures about fitness and running. Here are a few I like:







And for some final funny / silly running video from YouTube:
Running Like This??!!

Remember, ALWAYS see your doctor before making any changes to your diet or exercise program. Message me and share your ideas and inspirations!

Best of Luck
~~ Shaking our Tail Feathers ~~

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