Let's Check In

First of all ... what is a "Check In"?
Checking In is a mini meeting... in your living room/ kitchen/ den, or anypart of the house in which ALL family members are present and are prepared to discuss their week, weekend plans, and feelings.
A "check in" is not a time to gang up on a family member. This is a free time to express ones feelings in a safe and judgment free environment. Its a great time to get things off our chest in a respectable and communicative manner.

~~ Coming Soon ~~See our video on "how to have an effective check in" ~~

Setting a day of the week for a check in is imparative. This allows each individual a time to prepare their thoughts, and to share their triumphs of the week. Everyone gets a chance to talk. Notice I've said prepared more than once already?

Why check in on a Thursday night?
Well for starters if you have a teenager in the house you want to catch them before the conversation is a quick "can i have the car", or "see you Sunday".

Make a schedual of the weekend. *See the printables area for a chart to print*
I will have a mockup of one on the post but please feel free to print one off, or have your teen make one from scratch.

If you would rather not "freestyle" your check in I will be providing topics each week to add into your discussion. This is a great icebreaker for families that dont know how to start a check in, and can be a great starting point. Topic examples include; managing money, weekend sports, where are we as a family?

Practice Makes Perfect  :)

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