Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Getting Faster - RUN RUN RUN

Yes, the sun is out and I even ran right when I got up! (well I didn't wake up until 9am!). I know lazy me. Here is what it looked like outside!

I WISH....

No, I did not see that, if I did I would have thought I died in my sleep! But I did see this....


AND BLUE SKY (from my window)

Not everyone was able to get out of bed (other than me) early. W. loves to stay in our bed as long as possible in the mornings.

W. still in bed.....

So here are my stats for today... I started out a little too fast, but quickly slowed myself and only walked  3 times to catch my breath.

My recovery? Yummy Cashew Butter (as I acquired an allergy to Peanuts in the past 5 years, and this is the best substitute BY FAR.) on PC brand Thins. I love these little bagels! Just enough bread to spread some goodness on.... and water - of course.  

I also have my new insoles....after a few times of running and getting some little blisters I knew it was time. I still need to get orthotics, but for now I have nothing stopping me from a great run.

One last thing...

Here are a few items I never run without...its weird but useful.

1. Blistex - for my dry lips! I put this stuff on and I don't get wind burned lips!
2. Bandaid Blister Cushion - I may be able to give these up as I have new insoles now, but they are the best for running with blisters, I am already healed! (no pun intended).
3. Polysporin & Qtips - nope not for my blisters. But for the inside of my nose! I know I can't believe I am admitting  it either. But there is a reason for it. The polysporin, when you apply a thin layer to the inside of your nose, catches all of the dirt, dust, and pollen in the air avoiding allergy suffering later.
Go ahead, call me crazy, but someone told me to do this when traveling on an airplane to avoid getting colds and airborne sickness.....hey if it works then why not?

Keep on running!

~~ Finding Feathers~~

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