Thursday, April 12, 2012

Saving $$ Around the House

I have been meaning to do this post for quite some time now and finally I ran out of laundry soap and needed to make more.
That's right..... I make my own laundry soap.   COST $8.00 for 90+ loads!

This recipe is the EASY most TIME EFFICIENT and INEXPENSIVE way I have found.


1 Box of Borax
1 Bar of laundry Soap*
1 small cheese grater
2 1kg containers (or one 2kg container)
1 scoop
1 spoon for mixing product

As for the soap. I usually buy the Sunlight Lemon Scent two bars that cost about $3.00. However this shopping trip I was in Toronto at the HUGE Loblaws in the old Maple Leaf Gardens (amazing!), and they did not have any. So I purchased the only bar soap they had. It is an Italian brand Linda, not much of a scent, but double the thickness so I only needed one bar to make my regular amount and it was only $1.95. Borax is a natural deodorizer. These ingredients are safe and effective!

Some laundry soap makers spend hours boiling and mixing away, that was not for me. So I found this to be the best way. First find a grater that will grate your soap into fine pieces. I use this one

Then grate half of the soap bar (or one bar if you have bought the 2 pack of Sunlight brand). This takes a little elbow grease, and don't cut your finger open! (Sounds stupid, and it is, there has been blood shed over this before.)

Once half the bar is grated empty half of the box of Borax into a large mixing bowl. Put the soap in and mix well. Transfer into container. Do the same with the rest of the soap and Borax, and your done. If you have a small piece of soap left (because you were afraid to cut your fingers by going to the end of the soap) you can use this for stain removal! Just rub the soap bar with some water onto the stain before washing.

The scoop that I use is 30ml. Very small, and I only use one scoop per load. If your washing clothes that require more soap (greased, or strong smell) then feel free to double up.
You can always add essential oils to each load if you want a scent in your laundry, and best of all NO STATIC! Even without dryer sheets!

Price comparison: Tide powder 80 loads $11.97+ tax @ Walmart.

Hope this helps your family save some money and your skin will thank you!

~~ Saving Feathers~~

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