Saturday, March 24, 2012

What do you wear in the Kitchen?

I have been spending more time in the kitchen so I thought that I would ask the question... What are your favorite things? What do you wear while cooking? Whats the one tool you cant cook without?

So with a little embarrassment here is what I cook in....

The story behind the apron. My husbands good friend Ty decided to send us a care package one day. We open it up and bam! Blue boobs .... right there!  I do believe that it is meant to be used as a artists smock, but in the kitchen I AM an artist! So this is what I am cooking in the kitchen each day...

My other item I must have in the kitchen are my snakeskin Birkenstock (Papillio brand).

Being on your feet in the kitchen all day requires a good amount of support under your feet, and if your flat as a duck like me, then invest in some great shoes like Birkenstock.

What are you wearing in the kitchen???

~~ Fashion Feathers~~

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