Thursday, March 1, 2012

Green Shakes?

Morning or Snack Time  - This Shake Works!                                                                                            
As I have said (many times before), I wanted to start eating healthy....again.
So after filling myself full of nutritional information, checking out some of my favoriate food blogs, and scaring my own pants off with a few good Documentaries - I started my quest!

 So I have been having a shake in the morning, its nutritional, but I knew I could up the ante on it.
So here is my GREEN shake reciepe. (I am sure there are more or similar ones out there, but this is what I could stomach and actually ENJOY)

Green Shake #1

  • Handful of Kale
  • One whole Banana
  • Vanilla Yogurt - three heaping tablespoons *or until desired thickness
  • Top off with Fruit / Orange Juice *I used a orange, strawberry, banana juice.
  • ice cubes (put in after mixing)

Green Shake #1

Put your handful of Kale and a bit of water into the Magic Bullet. Kale is a bitter leafey lettuce, it is super healthy but I find it difficult to eat due to the bitter taste, however just adjust your "handful size" according to your taste and you should be fine. Pulse the Kale a few times to break up. Add juice, and yogurt. Mix (I love my magic bullet for this - perfect portions every time.). I would not suggest adding any fiber into this shake. I usually add some Fibre Sure product into my shakes but it really is not necessary here. Drop in a few ice cubes just before drinking. Drink immediatly after making.

I want your feedback on this one....honest, I usually only like really sweet drinks and I really like this one! Write your feedback and tell me your thoughts!

~~ Finding Feathers ~~

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