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Cough Suppressant a Drug?

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     So you think that because you have not found a joint in your teens sock drawer that they are not experimenting with drugs? Well that may not be the case....

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     Drugs. They come in many forms and not always in a baggy, syringe, powder, or plant form. One of the more popular ways to catch a buzz is known as Robo Tripping or using syrup.  Teens can not always get their underage hands on a bottle of booze, but they can purchase an over the counter cough suppressant easy enough.  One teen explained it to me as, "We cant always get enough booze to get a group of us drunk, but if we all drink half of a bottle of cough suppressant, and have a few drinks we will be buzzing all night."

So whats the big problem with drinking cough suppressant?
For one, kids think its safe. Its sold in a pharmacy so it cant harm us, right? Wrong.
Check out the links at the bottom of this post to see videos on just how popular this abuse has become & how dangerous.

Other Nick Names for using are:
Skittles (sometimes skittles or candy is added to the drink/ or can refer to taking in pill form)
Triple C

Forms the Drug is found in:
Pills (red or white)
Bottles of syrup
Powder (when it is injested in straight DXM form)

Side affects:
Vomiting (at times with or without blood)
Heart palpitations (racing or irregular heartbeat)
Muscle spasms (twitching, involintary movements)
unable to stand (falling or unable to get up)
Delirium (seeing things that are not there)

Please educate yourself further at this site:
It is full of great information and first hand account of individuals that have abused this drug.
Knowing is half the battle!

For more information see these videos and sites; (get through the advertisements first and see the news on this scary drug)  (CBC News) (ABC News)

There are many sites out there that can teach you more. If you would like more information in your area talk with your health care professional, take your kids to also talk with your health care professional as soon as possible if you suspect they are under the influence of drugs.

This information is strickly here to educate parents/ guardians. Always seek professional help when necessary.

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